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3D structural BIM and other innovative technologies for construction

Dec 12, 2023 6:19:00 PM

3D Structural BIM is the innovative technology that allows you to organize all the information about a building in a structured way for the entire duration of its life. This technology bridges the gap between engineers, architects, and the various professionals involved, allowing them to work in a collaborative environment where they can view, analyze, and modify all the structural components of a project in real time.

At the bottom of the article you can watch the full seminar speech by Dr. Paolo Sattamino, Technical Director of Harpaceas Srl, : "Laser cutting in structural solutions", promoted by BLM GROUP and Fondazione Promozione Acciaio.

In the speech, Dr. Sattamino makes a comprehensive exhibition of the latest technological innovations that revolve around the world of 3D structural BIM.

Watch the full speech by Dr. Paolo Sattamino,
Technical Director of Harpaceas Srl.



How the use of structural BIM technologies can contribute to safety and sustainability

Safety and environmental sustainability are becoming increasingly important in the construction sector and the search for innovative tools and technologies such as those related to the world of structural BIM actively collaborate to achieve this important goal.

As far as safety on site is concerned, among the many technologies that over the years have made it possible to improve the working conditions of operators, tube laser cutting has had and is having an increasing impact by eliminating preparation of  parts on site, greatly simplifying the installation of structures and improving the product quality.

Thanks to the laser cutting technology of tubes and beams, it is possible, in fact, to create even extremely complex components, with notches and chamfers that would be practically impossible to achieve with traditional techniques.



In addition, BLM GROUP's Lasertube technology has a significant added value: the ArTube software for programming tube laser cutting systems allows you to easily import IFC files generated via structural BIM such as Tekla. This makes all elements of the structure immediately available to the operator, allowing any changes and conversion into production-ready machine programs.

IFC files no longer need to be converted to STEP, IGES, and X_T, thus reducing design and programming time and costs, and greatly increasing production flexibility.

Thanks to this type of solution, manufacturers and designers can easily cooperate in the implementation of more modern and efficient construction techniques and exchange detailed information on both the strength and sustainability of the materials used.


The latest technological innovations for structural BIM

In his speech at the seminar: "Laser cutting in structural solutions" Paolo Sattamino, Technical Director of Harpaceas Srl, explains in detail the most recent technological innovations that revolve around the world of 3D structural BIM. Solutions that aim to respond to the new needs of the market, including the growing complexity of products, the need to build in an increasingly efficient and sustainable way, and safety on site.



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