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3D laser cutting machines for tubular profiles

Jan 29, 2024 8:45:11 AM

3D laser tube cutting machines are revolutionizing the design of steel structures. Thanks to their efficiency, versatility and precision, these fully automatic laser cutting systems make possible applications that are very difficult to achieve with traditional technologies.
BLM GROUP offers a wide range of machines for 3D laser cutting of tubes, profiles and beams; from a minimum of 12 mm to a maximum of 610 mm in diameter.

Explore the range of 3D laser cutting machines for tubular profiles.


To discover the benefits of these systems, we invite you to watch the full speech by Cristian Signorotto: Technical Director of Officine Bertazzon during the seminar promoted by BLM GROUP and Fondazione Promozione Acciaio: "Laser cutting in structural solutions".

You will be able to see some of the most interesting applications realized with 3D laser cutting system for large tubular profiles.

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Speech by Massimo Fasolo, Head of the Technical Office of the Laser Department of SICAM SpA and Luca Prasso, Area Director at SICAM SpA.

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Passing through joinery to build sustainable constructions with laser Exhibition of the LASTTS project by Prof. Alper Kanyilmaz of the Politecnico di Milano.



The advantages of 3D laser cutting machines for tubular profiles 

Architecture has always aimed towards beauty, art and wonder. To be achieved, these aspects represent a greater complexity of the artifacts, new ways of building and a continuous pushing towards technological innovation.

In modern steel structures, therefore, the choice to use 3D laser machines to produce structural components is dictated precisely by the need to make complex architectural projects feasible.

Today it is not uncommon to find many different processes on a single detail such as slots, holes, bevels and geometries cut with various shapes.

With traditional processes, creating such complex parts would require several dedicated systems and multiple operators, but with 3D laser cutting, they can be completed in a single step, without rework and with significantly superior precision and quality.

Furthermore, in the creation of structural joints, the cutting geometries necessary to create the joint  where pipes and beams connect can be extremely complex.

Added to this difficulty is welding which brings with it many problems in terms of processing times and quality of execution.

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Structural joint made with LT24: 3D laser cutting machine for large tubular profiles.

Structural element made with laser cutting exhibited during the seminar "Laser cutting for structural solutions" which took place at the BLM GROUP headquarters in Levico Terme (TN), Italy.


Thanks to 3D laser cutting it is possible not only to make the notches required by the geometry of the joints, but also to make the chamfers according to the correct inclination to guarantee the penetration of the welding filler material.

Using these innovative solutions for connecting pipes it is possible to significantly lighten the structure, saving  production costs and improving  sustainability.

If you are interested in this topic, we invite you to read this article on the European LASTTS project which studies the use of 3D laser cutting machines to make the construction sector more efficient and sustainable.


structural joint made with laser cutting

Structural joint made with LT24: 3D laser cutting machine for large tubular profiles.


Not only large structural elements but also machine tool frames, industrial vehicles, support structures for photovoltaic panels, generators, shelving and much more.

The use of 3D laser cutting allows the creation of couplings between tubes and male-female self-locking plates, with a degree of precision much higher than ones achievable with traditional processes, even in the presence of tubes with special cross sections.



3D laser cutting machines for tubular profiles

Here is the complete list of all the automatic systems for 3D laser cutting of tubular profiles offered by BLM GROUP.



Tubes from Ø 12 mm to 152.4 mm
Fiber sourceB01LT7M-880x600

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Tubes from Ø 12 mm to 152.4 mm
Fiber sourceB06LT8-20M-880x600

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Tubes up to Ø 305 mm
Fiber sourceB01LT12M-880x600

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Tubes up to Ø 355 mm
CO2 laser source LT14-880x600

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Tubes up to Ø 610 mm
CO2 laser sourceB152JUMBO14M-880x600

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