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Lasertube and benders systems providing a global service to customers

Dec 26, 2022 11:48:19 AM

Having a single supplier for multiple production equipments offers many advantages: a one-stop-shop for assistance, integration and management of production of different process technologies and a partner to build a long-term and trustful relationship with to face future challenges. That’s why Leku-Ona has chosen BLM GROUP.


The right machine for every need

Leku-Ona Global Solutions is a Spanish company established in 1973 that aims at offering a complete service to its customers, from distribution to manufacturing, from logistics to innovation.

The winning element of the business model of this company is to “Have the right machine for each process”. In this way it can offer the quality desired by its customers within the required timeframe.

Given the high number of services offered by Leku-Ona, the possibility to rely on a single supplier for many processes is an important advantage and with BLM GROUP, Leku-Ona has found a single supplier for several processing systems for tube and sheet metal, thus establishing a relationship of mutual esteem and trust.

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The advantages of a single supplier for your processing systems.Dimensional inspection of a tube bent on E-TURN, the fully electric tube bending machine by BLM GROUP.


The advantages of a single supplier for your processing systems.

The collaboration with BLM GROUP is based on the many production systems supplied by the Group, but also on the relationship of mutual esteem and trust that has been established over time between the people.

“The relationship we have with BLM GROUP is the same that we are trying to establish with our customers, and I believe this is very important.”
Alex Zabala, manager of Leku-Ona Global Solutions.


Purchases started with tube bending machines and sawing machines. "When we started tube processing, we acquired a company that had a hydraulic tube bending machine,” Alex Zabala explained “and we added others by focusing on fully electric bending machines and choosing BLM GROUP”.

We started with a SMART system, immediately followed by a second one. Then, as the tube diameter grew, we went on to purchase two E-TURN52 systems and finally an ELECT102.”

E-TURN52 All-electric left-hand and right-hand tube bending machineE-TURN52 All-electric left-hand and right-hand tube bending machine.


The company approach to tube and sheet laser cutting

The approach to laser cutting systems came about in a way that might seem random, but in reality, was their ability to seize the opportunity when it presented itself. “We were working for the wind power sector when the crisis hit in 2010 and a supplier of laser-cut sheet metal parts went bankrupt. We took over their laser machine and incorporated this new processing technology into our production process,”  Zabala explained.

“When the work then increased, it was only natural to turn to the trusted supplier of tube bending and sawing machines, BLM GROUP, which has not only the widest range of tube laser cutting systems available on the market, but also sheet metal laser cutting systems and was therefore able to meet our needs in both areas.”

“The LS5 sheet metal cutting system is mainly used in the wind power and agricultural machinery sectors, while the Lasertube LT8.20 system is primarily used in the renewable energy sector.”

Again, the potential of the systems was carefully evaluated beyond the specific project. “The LT8.20 allowed us to enter the world of laser cutting of special profiles and expand the market sectors we serve. Some special profiles required the collaboration of BLM GROUP, which gave us the necessary support until the desired result was achieved,”  Zabala concluded.


Laser cutting of a special profile with Lasertube system by BLM GROUPLaser cutting of a special profile with Lasertube system by BLM GROUP.


Automation is the next step

Automation in a forward-looking company is not an insignificant aspect, and therefore it is no coincidence that Leku-Ona has also invested heavily in automated warehouses for efficient logistics management.

The integration offered by BLM GROUP's All-In-One technology, which integrates bending and laser cutting into an optimized work cycle, is particularly appreciated. "If we didn't have the tube bending machines and laser systems working together today, we couldn't do the unique project we are currently doing," explained Zabala referring to the handrail of a staircase, a piece that requires high-quality, precision finishing

“The BLM GROUP offer is still unsurpassed for precision in a process requiring two technologies: tube laser cutting and bending.”
Alex Zabala, manager of Leku-Ona Global Solutions.


All-In-One is the technology that integrates laser cutting and bending and rapidly transforms a tube into a finished product, in the most efficient way: no tests and no rejects.

With All-In-One, the tube bending machine calculates the deformations that will affect the part during bending and transmits them to the Lasertube. The latter can then correct the positions of the cutting geometries to get, after bending, a part that is always correct from the first one. 


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Leku-Ona's current numbers confirm the success of its business idea boasting over 3600 regular customers in sixteen different sectors including machinery, shipbuilding, renewable energy, furniture, environment, automotive and more.